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Color of Nutrition. . .educating with whole foods, to support your body's health.

Welcome to my web site.
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I offer support to maintain and promote health and well-being.

My approach to nutrition is whole foods based with an emphasis on traditionally prepared foods, home cooked meals, organically grown, incorporating many raw, sprouted and unprocessed foods. We can support the healing of many illnesses, when we eat colorful, rich, vibrant foods.
Specializing in Gluten Free 

"The Good Housekeeper 1839"
"Among those kinds of food which the good housekeeper should scrupulously banish from her table, is that of hot leavened bread....I believe it more often lays the foundation of diseases of the stomach, than any
other kind of nourishment, used among us"
Sarah Josepha Hale 

Anonymous Quote:

"Bread is the staff of Life".........

This statement should be considered when evaluating many peoples health history.

Gluten grains are a leading cause of many ailments. Avoiding gluten prevents and often reverses certain 

Some safe grains and flours to choose from:

Millet,  Buckwheat, Quinoa, Amaranth, Corn, Chickpea,  Flax, Garbonzo,  Rice, Potato,  Sorghum, Tapioca,  Sweet chestnut and Teff.

These are often found in simple grain and or in flour form.     
I offer: 
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Nutrition Visits
  • Menu Planning
  • Personal Chef
  • Grocery Shopping


Be Adventure-some.... Grow your own favorite Colors !

Holistic Nutrition is all about....

Eating Whole Foods 

Learning and Educating yourself with foods.

Healing yourself
with foods.

Red Beauties:
Cherries, Red Grapes,
Beets & Red peppers
together with the other nutrients in red foods,these pigments mean protection.
Disease fighting pigments include:Cherry red anthocyanins, beet red betacyanins, tomato red lycopene. 

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